Friday, September 24, 2010

Android SmartPhones

So i am a huge fan of the android operating system and want to make part of my blog about all phones and such related news. I have a rooted motorola droid that i have put my own custom work on. If anybody wants any tips on how to use there android phone, how to root it, or just general questions, leave a question in the comments and i will put a post up answering.  Does not matter what type you have, i will be able to answer a bunch for you. If you want a way to get wireless tethering for free, i can help you. If you want to overclock your phone and make it faster than it came then i can help. If you want to take off garbage apps or just change the entire look of it, i can help. Leave questions in the comments.


  1. Just got my first Android phone a week ago. Apps are awesome. Definetly worth it. :)

  2. @RandomlyRated----The moto droid? If so then it is still, in my opinion, one of the best android phones out to this day even a year latter. My droid gets better benchmark testing than the new evo, epic, and droid X. The droid 2 is a great phone also, but harder to put on custom roms, and overclocking is still not possible due to the bootloader being locked. Same goes with the droid X. So my droid overclocked to 1.25 ghz is faster than the newer droid 2 or droid X.

  3. @Totalitarian---- Glad to hear a new recruit is among us. So which android phone did you get?